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 TradiBooks - Traditional Catholic Publisher 
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New post TradiBooks - Traditional Catholic Publisher

Tradibooks publishes new and old traditional Catholic books. Our authors include Saint Alphonsus Liguori, Saint Robert Bellarmine, Cardinal Manning, Mgr Gaume, Fr E. J. O'Reilly S.J., Fr Emmanuel André O.S.B., Hilaire Belloc, G.K. Chesterton, Fr. Meagher, Canon Arminjon, Fr. Oswald Baker, Fr. Edward Leen C.S.Sp. All our reprints are newly typeset. We also sell new translations of classic works and new writings of contemporary authors.

The following wonderful titles are recommended by the Bellarmine Forums:

Commonitorium Against Heresies
Bilingual English-Latin edition of the fifteen hundred-year-old classic Handbook against Heresies. Praised by saints and theologians, for some it is a patristic jewel, for others the mandate of traditional Catholicism. “To preach any doctrine therefore to Catholic Christians other than what they have received never was lawful, still is not lawful and never will be lawful: and to anathematize those who preach anything other than what has once been received, always was a duty, still is a duty and always will be a duty. “The more a man is under the influence of religion, so much the more prompt is he to oppose innovations” “What is a Catholic Christian to do if some novel contagion seek to infect not just a small portion of the Church, but the whole Church? Then it will be his care to cleave to antiquity, which cannot possibly be seduced any longer by any deceptive innovation.”
Print: $20.49

Dion and the Sibyls
“The greatest historical novel ever written.” There is no other way to describe Miles Gerald Keon’s 1866 classic. If Quo Vadis, Ben Hur or Fabiola have brought you pleasure and profit, Dion and the Sibyls will surpass them all. Set in Rome at the time of Christ, the plot brings together all the chief historical persons of the day in events which thrill, entertain and inform while never ceasing to be credible. Watch the valiant Paulus Æmilius, nephew of the triumvir, subdue the Sejan horse, save the gold of Germanicus Cæsar, triumph in battle, save his sister abducted by the tyrant Tiberius and fall hopelessly in love with the bewitching Israelite Esther whose faith forbids her to marry him. Listen to his friend Dionysius the Areopagite debating the existence of God and the immortality of the soul with the greatest minds of the court of Augustus. Be astonished at the prophecies of the mysterious and ageless Sibyl.
Print: $37.25

What is TRUE Education?
Father Leen's 1943 classic is a complete guide to what human existence is meant to be : a mind that thinks clearly and adheres to truth, a heart that seeks and loves the good, a soul that enjoys true beauty, a noble, courageous character - and all this just the prelude to the divine life of grace in this world and of glory in the next. How to form oneself and others to live as God intended in time and in eternity.
Print: $27.50

This book played a crucial role in the life of Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus who warmly recommended it. Canon Arminjon recounts all that Scripture contains and that tradition transmits about the last times of this world, Antichrist, the conversion of the Jews, the two witnesses, death, judgment, heaven and hell, eternity. He explains the life of Christian sacrifice as the key to eternal glory. Fascinating and readable, Arminjon's book changes lives !
Print: $30.00

The Pope and The Antichrist
Cardinal Manning's 1861 study of the papacy as the obstacle to Antichrist has never been more topical. The learned convert seems to have foreseen many details of the present crisis: religious liberty, ecumenism, national apostasy, apparent defeat of the Church. Manning argues that the apostasy of the nations of christendom and the eclipse of the papacy will usher in the reign of Antichrist.
Print: $17.50
Download: $7.50

How Grace Acts
Saint Alphonsus's classic work on divine grace translated into English for the first time and first published here by Tradibooks in 2007.
Print: $15.00

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New post Re: TradiBooks - Traditional Catholic Publisher
How Grace Acts: Saint Alphonsus's classic work on divine grace translated into English for the first time and first published here by Tradibooks in 2007. Print: $15.00

This book should be good. St. Alphonsus in his book The Great Means of Salvation and Perfection does not hesitate to strongly and cogently distinguish his views from St. Thomas and St. Augustine in the raging controversy over grace and predestination. It is one of the most powerful, eloquent critiques of Thomism (in this regard only) I have read by another Doctor of the Church(1) and in which he argues that if God did not have a prevision of merits when he predestined then he is a "liar" and a (astonishing quote here) "stage god" (ala deus ex machina?) not worthy of worship. His critique is full of holy audacity on this subject.

For all that, though, he joins Sts Thomas and Augustine in utterly rejecting Pelagianism (and Jansenism) as a Catholic must.

(1) St. Francis de Sales made mostly the same points, but more mildly.

Thu Apr 03, 2008 3:22 pm

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New post Re: TradiBooks - Traditional Catholic Publisher
Here is the latest title from Tradibooks

The Dates of the Birth and Death of Jesus Christ

by General Hugues de Nanteuil

This book can be previewed or purchased on-line at which gives the full list of our seven currently published titles, or at which is the specific link for General de Nanteuil's book.

Here is a brief summary.

The western world continues to date events from the birth of Christ. Our calendar is thus one of the last relics of Christian civilisation. It provides a constant reminder to an unbelieving world of the pivotal event of human history: the Incarnation of God the Son some two thousand years ago. But is it accurate? Was 1 A.D. truly the first “year of the Lord”? Was Christ in fact crucified under Pontius Pilate in 33 A.D. as Christian tradition tells us? Is there any way of knowing for sure?
Since the Renaissance most scholars answer, No. Their evidence is that Flavius Josephus, the almost contemporary Jewish historian, places the death of Herod in 4 B.C., and Herod must have been still alive when Christ was born to order the slaughter of the Innocents.
In this book, General Hugues de Nanteuil shows that it was Josephus, not the Church, who got his sums wrong. The author invokes the unanimous witness of the early Fathers, the Roman archives of the census of Augustus and Pilate’s report of the Crucifixion, the pagan testimonies to the eclipse that accompanied Christ’s death, the astonishing chronological accuracy of Dionysius the Little’s lunar calculations, the concurrence of religious feasts with identifiable astronomical phenomena, the unreliability and self-contradictions of Josephus. While vindicating the Christian calendar he also provides a mass of fascinating testimony to the historical truth of the Christian faith.

In addition to General de Nanteuil's scholarship, which we have translated with the authorisation of the French publishers Messrs Téqui, the book also includes a new historical appendix on "Jesus Christ in the Roman Records". The Roman records in question are the archives of the census of the emperor Augustus (the census which brought the Holy Family to Bethlehem) and the report of Pontius Pilate to the Emperor Tiberius Cæsar on the crucifixion.

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Tue Apr 08, 2008 10:36 am
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New post Re: TradiBooks - Traditional Catholic Publisher
Another new title now available...

Venial Sin by Bishop Vaughan, first published in 1924.

The author had five sisters who were nuns and five brothers who were priests, including one archbishop and one cardinal. His message is that we are all too careless about venial sin, which is the greatest of all evils with only one exception (mortal sin). Any reader of this book will receive a strong impulse to correct those "little" defects which are the ruin of our efforts after holiness, constantly incline us to fall into worse sins, and are invariably an offence against the infinite majesty of God.

The price is just $11.99. For more information or to buy online by credit card or PayPal, click here.


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New post Re: TradiBooks - Traditional Catholic Publisher
We have now added to our list of publications Mgr Joseph Fenton's masterly The Theology of Prayer.

As Mgr Fenton is so justly appreciated on this forum, please consider purchasing a new copy from

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New post Re: TradiBooks - Traditional Catholic Publisher
Can someone give me a link of Tradibooks that works? I want to buy some of the books they are offering thanks God Bless.

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New post Re: TradiBooks - Traditional Catholic Publisher

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New post Re: TradiBooks - Traditional Catholic Publisher
I used the promo code "SPARKS" and got 20% off. See's other promo codes for more deals.

«The Essence & Topicality of Thomism»:
by Fr. Réginald Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P.

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New post Re: TradiBooks - Traditional Catholic Publisher
Earlier today, it came to my attention that St. Robert Bellarmine's De Controversiis is no longer "in print"; worse, the latest publication of it I could find was from around the middle of the 19th century! Seeing that the 400th anniversary of the saint's death (2021) will be upon us in less than a decade, and that Tradibooks has published re-typeset all-Latin volumes before, I wondered: would Tradibooks be interested in publishing the first new edition of the Controversiis in more than a century? Besides the Mass said to commemorate him, I can think of few ways to better honor St. Robert Bellarmine than keeping "in print" his invaluable work. And I don't mean to propose this without commitment: if it is the tedious work of transcribing the text into editing software that gives the publisher pause in considering the project, I'd be willing to take care of that (and I think others would gladly volunteer as well).

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