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 Francis read +Tissier's ++Lefebvre bio 2×, says SSPX lawyer 
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New post Francis read +Tissier's ++Lefebvre bio 2×, says SSPX lawyer
Rorate wrote:
In a visit to the French city of Fabregues on May 11 (that is, the day following Rorate's revelation of his meeting with Pope Francis), the Superior-General of the Society of Saint Pius X, Bp. Bernard Fellay, spoke at length about various matters of relevance to his congregation. The most important part was that related to the personality of Pope Francis:

Bishop Fellay wrote:
With the current pope, as he is a practical man, he looks at people. What a person thinks, what he believes, is at the end a matter of indifference to him. What matters is that this person be sympathetic in his view, that he seems correct to him, one may say it like this.

And therefore he read twice Bp. Tissier de Mallerais' book on Abp. Lefebvre, and this book pleased him; he is against all that we represent, but, as a life, it pleased him. When, as a Cardinal, he was in South America, the District Superior [Fr. Christian Bouchacourt] came to ask him for an administrative favor with no relation to the Church; a visa problem, of permanent residency. The Argentine government, which is very leftwing, makes use of the concordat that was established to protect the Church to bother us quite seriously, and tells us, "you say you are Catholic, it is thus necessary for you to have the signature of the bishop in order to reside in the country." The District Superior therefore went to him to present the problem: there was an easy solution, and that would be to declare ourselves an independent church [before Civil Law], but we did not want to do it because we are Catholic. And the Cardinal told us, "no, no, you are Catholic, that is evident; I will help you;" he wrote a letter in our favor to the government, that is so leftwing that they managed to find a opposing letter by the nuncio. Therefore, a 0-0 tie. Now he is the pope, and our lawyer had the opportunity of having a meeting with the Pope. He told him that the problem was still going on with the Society, and asked him to please designate a bishop in Argentina with whom we could sort out this problem. The Pope told him, "Yes, and this bishop is myself, I promised to help, and I will do it."

I am still waiting for it, but anyway he said it, just as he said that, "those people there, they think I will excommunicate them, but they are mistaken;" he said something else that was very interesting: "I will not condemn them, and I will not stop anyone from visiting them [lit. 'd'aller chez eux'.]" Once again, I will wait to see.

[Source: French District of the SSPX] ... 140511.php

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Wed May 28, 2014 11:06 pm
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New post Re: Francis read +Tissier's ++Lefebvre bio 2×, says SSPX law
Rorate wrote:
In a visit to the French city of Fabregues on May 11 (that is, the day following Rorate's revelation of his meeting with Pope Francis), the Superior-General of the Society of Saint Pius X, Bp. Bernard Fellay, spoke at length about various matters of relevance to his congregation. The most important part was that related to the personality of Pope Francis:

Rorate! What can I say? Firstly, they won't retract their false reporting ("revelation!") of Bishop Fellay meeting with Francis. Which I suppose explains why they didn't publish this excerpt from the same conference:


So far, I have not requested a hearing. And just today, it's fun, short noise on the Internet. Someone said to possess evidence that Bishop Fellay has seen the Pope, it is a meeting that was prepared, etc ... etc ... I'll tell you what exactly happened. The Ecclesia Dei commission asked that I meet. I went to Rome in December 2013, at noon, we went to eat in Ste Marthe. The pope also eat in Ste Marthe in this vast refectory larger than the church, away from other guests. We did not eat at his table! When monsignors saw that the Pope had finished and went out, they took me; we left the dining room and in the hallway bishop who was with me introduced me to the Pope. I greeted him. The pope said, "Pleased to meet you," I said, "I pray a lot"; I did not even say I was praying for him, but simply "I pray a lot." He replied "pray much for me." And that was it; that's all.

If you want to call it a meeting, you can and you can also say that it was prepared, but it is absolutely worthless!

That I had a hearing or I do not know what, this is not true. Small things true is used to make mountains. Made into stories that are completely false. It was also said that Father Nély ate with the Pope. This is false. He was also in Ste Marthe. This is a hotel for the clergy. Pope eats in a corner; you eat in another corner; you can not say you ate with him; or you say so wide that you ate with the Pope that it does not make sense as it is not serious. Thereupon they built all sorts of things: "look, see, they are doing agreements"; this is absolutely not true.

Secondly, Rorate think that the most important part related to the personality of Francis? The title of the Conference was, "Where is the Church? Where is the Brotherhood?" The report on the Conference begins with these words of Bishop Fellay:

I have thought about giving this little theme "Where will the church conference? "And then result in" where is the Brotherhood? "

You know all kinds of rumors floating around, especially on the Brotherhood. There was even a movement that has emerged, movement of priests belonging to the Society and who publicly attacked his leadership, saying he had to resist, there were deviations, there were wishes to team up with Modernist Rome. The terms used is "sale", "sell Brotherhood" is "Judas" is a "traitor" is "Bishop Fellay has become modernist", finally a bit of everything, all kinds of quite violent and strong enough terms. It seems to me that the intention of this conference is not to respond to his nonsense because it is simply nonsense, but much more serious look at what is happening in the Church. Then it will not be difficult to understand what is happening between the Brotherhood and Rome.

I would like to begin by describing a bit where the Church is and what is happening there.

This is followed by many passages of far more important and interesting text from the Conference than the small excerpt they published on Francis' personality. This tells a lot about the writers at Rorate.

In the current climate, I found the following passage far more relevant taking into account the turmoil ensuing the "news" broadcast by Bishop Williamson and the Resistance crowd of an offer of Agreement of Tolerance by Rome. It's not a great translation but the message is clear - since 2012 there is nothing. Why wouldn't a news site such as Rorate pick up on this especially as they have a history of following closely the lead up and subsequent failure of the negotiations in 2012?


It has also recently released another matter, I think it's coming out that Bishop Williamson: "yes, they have announced there will be a recognition without consideration, it is a tolerance! ". In fact, what we are trying to explain is that it will not agree that it is absolutely impossible in the current situation. Simply. And since 2012 there is nothing. So what we see is that the Pope says he will not condemn us, this is called tolerance on his part. If it opens from time to time one or another church on a pilgrimage, we are not against but that does not mean that we start to grovel before Rome!

Mixing everything, you all wrong! We tolerate it does not even say, and now a church is tolerated us, the other one throws us out. This is the situation simply. This is the situation. In some places it is, in others it will not. Why? Because the situation of the Church falter, and some a little closer we give some facilities; but if they try to show us they are immediately burned.

Some bishops are with us and tell us, but in secret; just say their names and that's it: they are roasted! This is the situation of the Church.

And Bishop Fellay finishes with this:

What I want to emphasize one last time, is that all the nonsense circulating on the Internet on an alleged agreement between the Brotherhood and Rome, beyond anything when in reality there are none. There are none.

On the last day, when the general examination takes place, there will be no question at all on the text of Aristotle, the aphorisms of Hippocrates, or the paragraphs of Justinian. Charity will be the whole syllabus.

- St. Robert Bellarmine

Thu May 29, 2014 12:41 am
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