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 Prayers honoring the Fourteen Joys of Our Lady 
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New post Prayers honoring the Fourteen Joys of Our Lady
The Seven Temporal Joys and Seven Heavenly Joys (fourteen joys) of the Blessed Virgin of which St. Louis-Marie mentions in his book "A treatise on the true devotion to the blessed virgin" in here: ... 1#PPA79,M1
The below information is from: ... #PPA383,M1
and ... #PPA332,M1

Seven Temporal Joys:
1. The joy our Blessed Lady had at the Annunciation
of the Angel.
2. The joy she had when she visited her cousin St.
3. The joy she had at the Nativity of our Saviour.
4. The joy she had when she saw her divine Son worshipped
by the three holy kings.
5. The joy she had on finding her Son Jesus in the
temple among the doctors.
6. The joy she had at the glorious resurrection of our
Blessed Saviour.
7. The joy she had on her Assumption, when she was
proclaimed Queen of Heaven.
These are the [prayers of the] Seven Temporal Joys of the
Blessed Virgin Mary.

Gaude Virgo, Mater Christi,
Quem per aurem concepisti,
Gabriele nuntio:

Gaude, quia Deo plena
Peperisti sine poena
Cum pudoris lilio :

Gaude, quia Magi dona
Tuo Nato ferunt bona,
Quem tenes in gremio :

Gaude, quia reperisti
Tuum natum quem quaesisti
In doctorum medio :

Gaude, quia tui Nati
Quem dolebas morte pati
Fulget resurrectio:

Gaude, Christo ascendente
Et in coelum te tuente
Cum Sanctorum nubilo :

Gaude, quae post Christum scandis,
Et est tibi; honor grandis
In coeli palatio. "

1. Rejoice, O Spouse of the Holy Ghost ! for the
bliss you possess in Paradise, where you are exalted
above the angelic choirs. Ave.
2. Rejoice, O true Mother of God ! for the happiness
which you feel in Paradise; for as the sun illuminates
the earth, so do you, with your divine Son, adorn and
illuminate heaven by your brightness. Ave.
3. Rejoice, 0 daughter of God ! for the joy to which
you have attained in Paradise, where the whole hierarchy
of angels and archangels, thrones and dominations, and
all the blessed, pay you honour, acknowledging you as
the mother of their Creator. Ave.
4. Rejoice, O handmaid of the blessed Trinity! for
the gladness which you feel and enjoy in Paradise; for
all the graces which you ask from your divine Son are
instantly granted, and because, as St. Bernard says, "
No grace is granted to us on earth which has not
first passed through your holy hands." Ave.
5. Rejoice, O Queen of Heaven! for you alone deserve
to sit at the right hand of your divine Son, who is
seated at the right hand of the eternal Father. Ave.
6. Rejoice, O hope of sinners, refuge of the unhappy!
for the bliss which you enjoy in Paradise; for the eternal
Father rewards with His most precious graces all
those who love and reverence you on earth. Ave.
7. Rejoice, O mother, daughter, and spouse of God !
because all the joys, graces, and favours that you enjoy
in heaven will never undergo any diminution, but will
continue to rejoice your blessed heart for an endless
eternity. Ave. Gloria.
We read that Blessed Thomas, the Archbishop
of Canterbury, was wont to repeat with
great devotion the Seven Temporal Joys of the
Blessed Virgin Mary. Once when he was saying
these joys in his oratory, as he was accustomed,
the Blessed Virgin appeared to him and said, '
Why are you glad only for my joys which were
temporal, and do not rather rejoice over the
present joys which I now enjoy in Heaven, which
are eternal ? Rejoice, therefore, and exult with
me for the future.
First, because my glory surpasses
the happiness of all the saints.
because as the sun gives light to the day, so my
brightness gives light to the whole court of
Thirdly, because all the hosts of Heaven
obey me, and ever honour me.
Fourthly, because
my Son and I have but one will.
Fifthly, because
God rewards, at my pleasure, all my servants,
both now and hereafter.
Sixthly, because I sit
next to the Holy Trinity, and my body is glorified.
Seventhly, because I am certainly sure that
these joys will last for ever, and never end. And
whoever shall honour me by rejoicing in these
my joys, shall receive the consolation of my
presence at the departure of his soul from the
body, and I will free his soul from evil enemies,
and I will present him in the sight of my Son,
that he may possess with me the everlasting joys
of Paradise.' Blessed Thomas the Martyr aforesaid
composed these seven joys, as they here
follow. "
These are the Seven Heavenly Joys of the
Blessed Virgin Mary.

Gaude flore virginal!
Quae honore speciali
Transcendis splendiferum
Angelorum principatum,
Et sanctorum decoratum
Dignitate munerum.

Gaude Sponsa cara Dei,
Nam ut lux clara diei
Solis datur lumine,
Sic tu facis orbem vere
Tuse pacis resplendere
Lucis plenitudine.

Gaude, splendens vas virtutum,
Tuas sedis est ad nutum
Tota coeli curia :
Te benignam et felicem
Jesu dignam Genitricem
Veneratur gloria.

Gaude, nexu voluntatis
Et amplexu charitatis
Juncta sic altissimo
Ut ad nutum consequaris
Quicquid, Virgo, postularis
A Jesu dilectissimo.

Gaude, mater miserorum,
Quia Pater praemiorum
Dabit te colentibus
Congruentem hic mercedem,
Et felicem poli sedem
Sursum in coelestibus.

Gaude, humilis beata,
Corpore glorificata,
Meruisti maxima
Flore tantae dignitatis
Ut sis Sanctae Trinitatis
Sessione proxima.

Gaude Virgo, Mater pura,
Certa manens et secura
Quod haec tua gaudia
Non cessabunt, non durescent,
Sed durabunt et florescent
In perenni gloria. Amen.

V. Exaltata es Sancta Dei Genitrix.
R. Super choros Angelorum ad coelestia regna.
O dulcissime Jesu Christe, qui beatissimam Genitricem
Tuam, gloriosam Virginem Mariam perpetuis gaudiis in
coelo laetificasti, concede propitius ut ejus meritis et pre-
cibus continuis, salutem et prosperitatem mentis et cor-
poris consequamur, et ad gaudia Tuae Beatitudinis ac
ejusdem Virginis feliciter perveniamus aeternam. Per Te
Jesu Christe, Salvator mundi, qui vivis et regnas cum Deo-
Patre in unitate Spiritus Sancti Deus per omnia saecula
saeculorum. Amen."

Let us have great devotion towards the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts of Jesus and Mary

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