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 Visits to the Blessed Sacrament 
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New post Visits to the Blessed Sacrament


(All) My Lord Jesus Christ * Who, for the love which Thou bearest to men * remainest night and day in this Sacrament * full of compassion and of love * awaiting, calling and welcoming all who come to visit Thee: * I believe that Thou art present in the Sacrament of the altar; * I adore Thee from the abyss of my nothingness * and I thank Thee for all the graces which Thou hast bestowed upon me,* and in particular * for having given me Thyself in this Sacrament,* for having given me Thy most holy Mother Mary for my advocate * and for having called me to visit Thee.* I now salute Thy most loving Heart * and this for three ends: *
- In thanksgiving for this great gift *
- To make amends to Thee for all the outrages * which Thou receivest in this Sacrament from all Thine enemies; *
- I intend by this visit * to adore Thee in all the places on earth * in which Thou art the least revered and the most abandoned. *

My Jesus * love Thee with my whole heart. * I grieve for having hitherto so many times offended Thine infinite goodness.* I purpose by Thy grace nevermore to offend Thee * for the time to come; * and now, miserable and unworthy though I be * I consecrate myself to Thee without reserve; * I give Thee and renounce my entire will,* my affections, my desires and all that I possess.* Henceforward do Thou dispose of me, and of all that I have, as Thou pleasest.* All that I ask of Thee and desire is Thy holy love, * final perseverance & the perfect accomplishment of Thy will.


(Priest) “And my delights were to be with the children of men.” Behold our Jesus Who, not satisfied with dying on earth for our love, is pleased even after His death to dwell with us in the Most Holy Sacrament, declaring that He finds His delights among men. “O men,” exclaims St. Teresa, “how can you offend a God Who declares that it is with you that He finds His delights!” Jesus finds His delights with us; and shall we not find ours with Jesus? And we especially who have the honour to dwell in His palace. How greatly do those vassals esteem themselves honoured to whom the king assigns an abode in his own residence! Behold the Palace of the King; it is this house in which we dwell with Jesus Christ. Let us then learn to thank Him for it, and to avail ourselves of it to converse with Jesus Christ.

(All) Behold me, then, O my Lord and God before this altar * on which Thou dost reside night and day * for my sake. * Thou art the source of every good * Thou art the healer of every ill * Thou art the treasure of every poor creature * Behold now at Thy feet a sinner * who is of all others the poorest and most infirm * and who asks Thy mercy.* Have pity upon me! * Now that I see Thee in this Sacrament * come down from heaven upon earth * only to do me good * I will not be disheartened at the sight of my misery.* I praise Thee, I thank Thee, I love Thee,* and if Thou wiliest that I should ask Thee for an alms,* I shall ask for this,* O listen to me: * I desire never more to offend Thee * and I desire that thou shouldst give me light and grace * to love Thee with all my strength. * Lord, I love Thee with my whole soul,* I love Thee with all my affections.* Do Thou grant that I may thus speak with truth * and that I may speak in the same way * during life, and for all eternity. * Most holy Virgin Mary * my holy patron Saints,* ye angels and all ye Blessed Spirits of paradise * help me to love my most amiable God.

(The visit prayers finish with the Memorare)


(Priest): A pious writer has said that bread, being a food that is consumed by eating and which keeps when preserved for use, Jesus was pleased to dwell on earth under its species that He might thus not only be consumed by uniting Himself to the souls of His lovers by means of Holy Communion, but also be preserved in the tabernacle and be present with us, and thus remind us of the love which He bears us. St. Paul says: “He emptied Himself taking the form of a servant.” But what must we say when we see Him “taking the form of bread”? “No tongue would suffice,” says St. Peter of Alcantara, “to proclaim the greatness of the love which Jesus bears to every soul that is in the state of grace. In order, therefore, that His absence might not be to them an occasion of forgetting Him, this most sweet Spouse, when He was pleased to quit this life, left as a memorial this Most Blessed Sacrament in which He Himself remained. He did not wish that between these souls and Himself any other pledge but Himself should remain, whereby to keep alive their remembrance of Him.”

(All): Then, my Jesus, since Thou art enclosed in the tabernacle * to receive the supplications of miserable creatures who come to seek an audience of Thee,* listen this day to the petition addressed to Thee * by the most ungrateful sinner living on earth.* I come repentant to Thy feet * for I know the evil which I have committed in giving Thee displeasure.* My first prayer and desire then is: * that Thou wilt be pleased to pardon me all the sins that I have committed against Thee. * Ah, my God,* would that I had never offended Thee! * After this I must tell Thee my next desire: * now that I have found out Thy sovereign goodness, * I have become enamoured of Thee.* I feel an ardent desire to love Thee and to please Thee,* but I have not the strength to do this * unless Thou helpest me. * Manifest, O Lord, Thy supreme power and Thine immense goodness * to the whole court of heaven; * change me from a great rebel, such as I have hitherto been to Thee, * into a great lover of Thee. * Thou canst do it,* and I know that such is Thy will; * supply all that is wanting in me * that thus I may be enabled to love Thee much, * at least that I may love Thee as much as I have offended Thee. * I love Thee, my Jesus, my God, my love, my all.


(Priest): God, says St. Paul, having given us His own Son, what good is there that we can fear He might deny us! “How hath He not also with Him given us all things?” We know indeed that all the Eternal Father has He has given to Jesus Christ: “The Father has given Him all things into His hands.” Let us then ever thank the goodness, the mercy, the liberality of our most loving God, Who has been pleased to make us rich in all good things and in every grace, by giving us Jesus in the Sacrament of the altar: “In all things you are made rich in Him... so that nothing is wanting to you in any grace.”

(All): Therefore, O Saviour of the world, O incarnate Word, * if I desire to possess Thee, I can consider Thee as mine, * and all mine.
* But can I say at the same time that I am all Thine, * as Thou desirest? * Ah, my Lord, * prevent it, and never let the world witness such disorder and such ingratitude * as that I should not be Thine, when Thou desirest me! * Ah no, never let it be! * If it has been so hitherto * let it never be so again. * I now, with the utmost determination, * consecrate myself entirely to Thee * for time and eternity. * I consecrate to Thee my life, my will, * my thoughts, my actions, my sufferings. * Behold me all Thine; * as a victim consecrated to Thee, * I bid farewell to all creatures * and offer my whole self to Thee. * Consume me with the flames of Thy divine love. * No, I am determined that creatures shall no longer share my heart. * The proofs which Thou hast given me of the love which Thou bearest me, * even at a time when I did not love Thee, * make me hope that Thou certainly acceptest me, now that I love Thee, * and out of love give myself to Thee.* Eternal Father, * I now offer Thee all the virtues, actions and affections * of the Heart of Thy dear Jesus. * Accept them; * and by His merits, which are all mine, * for He has given them to me, * grant me the graces which Jesus asks Thee for me. * With these merits I thank Thee * for the many mercies which Thou hast shown me; * with these I satisfy for what I owe Thee for my sins; * through these I hope for every grace from Thee: * pardon, perseverance, Paradise, * and, above all, the crowning gift of Thy pure love. * I well see that to all these gifts, I myself place impediments; * but do Thou also remedy this. * I ask it of Thee in the name of Jesus Christ, Who has promised: * “Whatsoever you shall ask the Father in my name, * that will I do.” * Then Thou canst not refuse me. * Lord, my only desire is to love Thee, * to give myself to Thee without reserve * and no longer to be ungrateful to Thee, * as I have hitherto been.* Behold me, and graciously hear me; * grant that this day may be the day of my entire conversion to Thee, * so that I may nevermore cease to love Thee. * I love Thee, my God; * I love Thee, Infinite Goodness; * I love Thee my love, my Paradise, * my good, my life, my all.


(Priest): “Her conversation hath no bitterness, nor her company any tediousness.” Friends on earth find such pleasure in being together, that they lose entire days in each other’s company: with Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament, those who love Him not get weary. After her death, St. Teresa, who was already in heaven, said to a nun: “Those who are in heaven and those who are on earth should be one and the same in purity and in love - we enjoying and you suffering. And that which we do in heaven with the divine Essence, you should do on earth With the Most Blessed Sacrament.” Behold then our paradise on earth: the Most Blessed Sacrament.

(All): O Immaculate Lamb * sacrificed for us upon the Cross, * remember that I am one of those souls that Thou hast redeemed * by so many sufferings and by Thy death. * Grant that Thou mayest be mine * and that I may never lose Thee, * since Thou has given Thyself to me, and givest Thyself every day * sacrificing Thyself for my love on the altar; * and grant that I may be all Thine. I give myself to Thee without reserve, that Thou mayest dispose of me as Thou pleasest * I give Thee my will * chain it with the sweet bonds of Thy love * that it may be forever the slave of Thy most holy Will. * I wish no longer to live for the satisfaction of my desires * but only to please Thy goodness. * Destroy in me all that does not please Thee; * grant me the grace never to have any other thought than to please Thee, * any other desire than that which Thou desirest. * I love Thee, O my dear Saviour, with my whole heart;* I love Thee because Thou desirest that I should love Thee; * I love Thee because Thou art indeed worthy of my love. * I grieve that I love Thee not as much as Thou deservest. * I desire, Lord, to die for Thy love; * accept my desire, and give me Thy love. * Amen.

(at the end of the Visit)

In Christ our King.

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