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Little Flowers Family Press Destroyed in Fire
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Author:  Traditionalist [ Mon Jul 22, 2013 12:26 am ]
Post subject:  Little Flowers Family Press Destroyed in Fire

Please keep the Davidson family in your prayers. This is from Mrs. Davidson's facebook page:

Please pray! We woke up this morning and our entire house has burned down! We lost everything our business, our personal effect and even our vehicle. This cross is so heavy I beg you for your prayers and your prayers. My heart is heavy, but I am reminded that God gives and takes away. So am open to HIS will. I am MOST THANKFUL that all our four boys, my dear husband and myself survived. Just barely. We just got out of it on time. From what we know we have lost all our business, our equipment, everything, so at this time we have nothing at all. I am thankful for the generous souls that have given me skirts. We are staying at a neighbor and so have only limited online time. But I pray you will spread this far and wide and if you can send any donations by paypal online to our website. Please do not place orders as at this time we do not know if LFFA will survive... I depend upon your friendship your prayers and your hope! United to God's will, Rita, Mark and boys at LFFA

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