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 Sedevacantism in Poland: Fr. Trytek 
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New post Sedevacantism in Poland: Fr. Trytek
Sedevacantism in Poland

Sermon by
Father Rafael Trytek

Given at St. Gertrude the Great Church, West Chester, Ohio on the Solemnity of St. Gertrude the Great
November 19, 2006.

Fr. Trytek, a native of Poland, was ordained in the Society of St. Pius X. Last year, he became a sedevacantist and left the Society.

In November of this year, he attended the ordination of Rev. Nicolas Desposito in Detroit, and visited St. Gertrude’s on his way down to Most Holy Trinity Seminary in Brooksville, Florida.


In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

I am very glad to be here among American Catholics who have maintained the Catholic Faith untouched and to have an opportunity to preach to you.

Poland is a country that is considered to be one of the most conservative in Europe, but in reality we lack a solid basis in the teaching of Christ. For nearly 50 years, Poland was under the influence of communism, but modernism has done much more damage to our Faith than communism.

Sometimes I wonder for which sins God is punishing us Poles, by the so-called Pontificate of Karol Wojtyla, John Paul II. We are fighting in Poland not only with modernism but also with a national myth, which does not allow us to be truly Catholic.

Sedevacantism appeared in Poland in the mid ’90s. Before that, Poles accepted modernism, the doctrinal changes of Vatican II, as well as the Novus Ordo Mass without any resistance. Poles accepted these things because they were introduced by Paul VI [and then accepted] by Cardinal Wyszynski [a very well-known and influential bishop in Poland] who was considered to be a traditionalist.

I am very happy to be here because I now have a chance to breathe in Catholic air. It is a paradox, but God sometimes chooses a specific group of people or a country to keep the Faith unchanged. The visit that I am making now makes me stronger and supports me in my work.

When I started to become interested in sedevacantism, I read many articles about the topic that were written by Bishop Sanborn, Bishop Dolan, and Fr. Cekada. I have to tell you that you are very lucky because you have these pastors who have kept the Faith unaltered and have rejected compromises.

About one year ago, I decided to leave the Society of St. Pius X in order to follow all Catholic dogmas.

I am the only priest in Poland who openly holds the integral faith. To be a lone priest far from a group of Catholic people is not easy.

However, I believe that God will take care of me and that he has plans for me. One thing I lack is a sense of community life with other priests and faithful who agree with me. I am a young priest and I need others who will support me in my short priestly life. Therefore, I am very glad to be among you, Catholic people who are uncompromised in the Faith. I believe that being among you will give me strength.

Recently, the perspective on the current situation has been changing in Poland. People have noticed that something bad has happened in the Church. I wrote many articles to conservative newsletters discussing the actual situation of the Church. There have been many scandals in Poland as a result of many modernist priests having cooperated with communists. People in Poland want to know the truth about the last 50 years. From time to time, new communist agents are unmasked who are shown to be leaders of modernism. In this situation, it is possible to build up a Catholic apostolate.

But, to be effective in the present time I need prayers, which I am asking from you. However, the most important thing is to maintain fidelity to our Lord and to His salutary teaching. Every priest should lead the kind of life that was chosen for priests by our Savior. It is a life of penance, contemplation, and prayer far from the worldly things. At the same time, he must be the apostle of the kingdom of God. A priest, who is thinking about himself and does not take care of the faithful, acts against his vocation and God.

To fulfill his duties, a priest must obey the hierarchy that was established by our Redeemer. Of course, this is a big problem in the present time when there is no hierarchy. However, there are some natural authorities whom we should follow. You are very fortunate to have pastors whom you can follow without fear.

In my opinion, it is good to be a child who has parents that are very demanding but at the same time give the child all that he or she needs. That is easier. I know it, because I had to search for the truth by myself. I was born in a family whose members go to Novus Ordo Masses and do not know the teaching which our Lord gave the Church.

In Poland structures of the Neo-Church look traditional and because of that it is not easy to understand the crisis. When I was 17, I made a decision to participate only in the Traditional Latin Masses. My parents thought that I was crazy. The atmosphere in Poland is difficult, because about 50% of Poles follow the church which they believe to be Catholic, and yet at the same time, they are very liberal and go farther and farther from Catholicism.

I trust in Divine Providence and strongly belief that God will take pity on us and let us know the truth. A strong devotion to our Lady is still our hope. Poles have treated her as a queen ever since a Polish king chose her as the Queen of the Kingdom of Poland in the 17th century. I hope that she overcomes all heresies and enemies of the Church. I heard recently that one of the Catholic churches in Detroit was sold and is supposed to be converted to a mosque. If our Lady leaves us then all is lost.

Dear faithful, I wish you the best. Remain loyal to the Church and to Her teaching in this most difficult time in which we live, and, as children of Mary, fight against Satan. We can expect a most valuable prize for that – heaven. I do not know whether we will have an opportunity to meet one another in the same circle again, but I desire to meet you again in the kingdom of God. We are travelers on the earth; but we have the same destination – heaven. May God give us grace to persevere to the end.

Please, pray for me. I am a young priest who has to take care of a nation of 40 million people. When the prophet Jeremiah was called, he did not want to respond positively to God’s will because Jeremiah said he was too young. But later, Jeremiah became a tool in God’s hands to deliver Israel from its enemies and its sins.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Mon Nov 20, 2006 3:02 pm
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