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 Problems with the New Rite of Baptism ? 
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New post Problems with the New Rite of Baptism ?
Hi I just read some discussion about possible problems with the New Rite of Baptism. I hadn't seen much mention of this sacrament, most of the focus of discussions has centered around the mass, holy orders and I have seen some talk around confirmation. Considering all the changes to the other sacraments post council, somehow I wouldn't be surprised if baptism was substantially changed. But wouldn't it take some seriously diabolically 'doing' to invalidate the sacrament, considering baptism can even be performed by a pagan in necessity ?

1. Has there been any discussion of baptism here ? Or elsewhere ? I don't recall seeing anything here but I may have easily missed a thread, not looking for it.

2. This book cropped up in the discussion, " Praxis Obnoxia: A Moral-Theological Conclusion On The New Modernist Rite of Baptism" By Patrick Pollock. Is anyone here familiar with this book ?

Here is the link: ... 64645.html

The book looks interesting, I am thinking of ordering it but I thought I would ask around first before spending money.



Fri Aug 01, 2014 3:49 pm
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New post Re: Problems with the New Rite of Baptism ?
For what it's worth, I would tell you to avoid most books on theology published after 1965, and that includes books published by "traditionalists" and "sedevacantists."

There are of course some exceptions to this, but always keep in mind that the Church used to rigorously screen books for a reason.

In our times, be very cautious who you put your trust in. There are some out there driven by an agenda who ever so carefully frame the writings of the Popes and Fathers to mean something different than the meaning of the original text. One term with a slightly changed meaning can pervert an entire text.

If the book is written by a "traditionalist," do your homework about the author, try to find out about his reputation, and whether he is known for careful documentation for the purpose of bringing forth the truth, or is he driven by some agenda to convince you of his particular theological idea.

This is just a word of caution. I have not read this book, and I do not intend to. I believe that all of the information we need on this subject is readily accessible for free from approved books (with imprimaturs) scanned on the internet.

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Sat Aug 02, 2014 3:42 am

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New post Re: Problems with the New Rite of Baptism ?
In so far as the priest used the proper formula, you can rest assured you are a Catholic.

Now with regards to whether the old rite, and the new rite have a difference in terms of an influx of grace etc... I definitely think so, because most of the men baptizing now in the Church are not even clergy anymore, thus they are incapable of blessing properly anything. We know the sort of power that the Church's sacramentals have over demons and the forces of darkness. The Church puts a special blessing over created things, because it has the power to bless even fallen creation and raise it to its original state by the power vested to her by Almighty God. It is truly wonderful, pick up any Pontifical Romanum (consecration of things, people, places by a Bishop), or the Rituale Romanum (blessing of things, people and places by priests). The prayers are filled with so much theology, it is truly amazing.

I know I can't present any scientific data at all, but there is definitely a rise in the occult, demonic possessions, mental illness etc... The lack of blessed sacramentals in the Conciliar Church and the exorcism rite performed during baptism is something definitely alarming. As nations become more pagan, the powers of the anti-Christ grows and the number of faithful dwindle. You see the rise of people being bewitched stuff that you would only rarely hear about previously. This is the sort of stuff I read in the life of St. Patrick and many of the lives of the Saints of the first millennium. When you read these stories in the second millennium they were usually in missionary lands and not on Catholic countries. After the French revolution of course, things took a turn for the worse and these sorts of things have been on the rise ever since. It is truly an effective breakdown of society, I would argue that at this point a stateless society would be an improvement given the current alternative. This would permit Catholics to have their own little voluntary Catholic state, that would otherwise be within a greater framework of non Catholic voluntary societies. This decentralized system, would prevent total wars in the future and absolute statism. Death by government seems to be a growing trend now O_O, it looks definitely the tool that the Anti-Christ will use to wipe a good 1/3 of the planet from the face of the planet. I highly doubt the Good Lord will be merciful enough to take us out through natural disasters. Not that natural disasters wont happen, they will, but they will serve as the catalyst of the economic breakdown that will be used for total control. I personally think that within my natural lifetime, I might see the parousia. I am not of the opinion like MHFM and company that the end of the world is IMMINENT like 5-15 years time. I think they even say it might be sooner...

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