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 Pre-Tridentine Mass "abuses" 
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New post Pre-Tridentine Mass "abuses"
I'm not sure what their point or intention is, but I have seen it said by anti-SV's and defenders of the Novus Ordo that before the St. Pius V Missal there were "abuses" going around in the Mass, hence Pope St. Pius V issued the Tridentine Missal to create uniformity in the Latin Rite.

What were these so-called "abuses"? Is there an article or something that deals with this issue?

Sat Jul 26, 2014 3:39 am
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New post Re: Pre-Tridentine Mass "abuses"
I have always thought the "abuses" stemmed from the Protestant revolution, i.e., Luther's Last Supper Service or the Anglican Book of Common Prayer, etc. The reason the 200 year pedigree for a rite to be permitted ensured that the rite itself was untainted by Protestantism.

Sat Jul 26, 2014 1:49 pm

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New post Re: Pre-Tridentine Mass "abuses"
I might add they were not "abuses" they were just minor differences within different dioceses.

Many of the rites of particular religious Orders were merely the local diocesan Rite used where the motherhouse was located. This is particularly true for the Carthusians, that Rite I believe was from Lyons and it is a completely almost unchanged version from that time. They might have added a few things, that pertained to their specific order of course (like the Confiteor invokes a different founder, Benedictines will say "Beati Patri nostro Benedicto" etc...). In so far as altar serving was concerned they had different customs, and I think that is still true even after Trent. The difference with what they say are abuses, is that they were not changing the essence of the Rite in any way whatsoever. There was no such thing as a man made centered Theology, or non-Catholic elements being implemented into the Rite of the mass. Even in Spain where some parts used the Mozarabic Rite (remember Spain was ruled by Muslims in many parts for well over 700 years) and despite of that if you analyze the Mozarabic Rite it has no "muslim" theology or enriching it as Vatican II says we should do, learn from other false religions. Sure the chant might sound a bit different in its melody etc... It sounds a bit more Eastern, but it is not Buddhist or Hinduh mantra singing. It still very much within the western tradition, and it does sound very pleasant + beautiful + lifts the mind & heart to God.

You see arguments when made in the negative tells you that they really have no arguments, so now they just try to throw as many bad arguments as they can, and hope one of them sticks. This tells you how weak their arguments are, when they have to resort to historical exaggerating. The Tridentine mass as codified in the Missal of St. Pius V was just the Missal used in Rome, and it is the same Missal which has always been used in Rome. We Roman Catholics believe that Rome is the center of unity with regards to praxis and liturgy. All the other places in Europe had their own little variations and this is what St. Pius V was trying to fix. It has always been the custom to follow the ROMAN custom, and this is what they fail to realize. The more you follow the papacy, the more Universal and glorious the work will be. It was to St. Peter alone that was promised to feed the entire fold, this is what separates us from other schismatic sects. Be proud of being solidly pro-Papist, I love how old school protestants used to call us papists and they were absolutely right (its actually an offensive term to the Vatican II sect, because they want to reduce the papacy to nothing). If they sold underwear with the keys of St. Peter I would buy it :lol: . Its not a bad idea actually, I might use that as a future funding model ahaha.

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