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Liberalism is a religion - Archbishop Lefebvre
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Author:  John Lane [ Fri Jun 28, 2013 11:55 am ]
Post subject:  Liberalism is a religion - Archbishop Lefebvre

This from IA. It is evidently a machine translation, but still worth ploughing through.


This conference was given by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in Madrid on Tuesday, October 28, 1986. One day after the scandal of Assisi. This is an extensive extract of that conference, the magazine published by Catholic Tradition December 23, 1986. Pages 1-13.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Allow me first to express my gratitude to the Reverend Father who has had the attention to introduce myself. Yes, as he has said, my life has been guided, I hope so. Through the Holy Spirit, this grace I owe my good and especially Christian parents, and God. He is the one who directs our lives, is not it? And therefore, it is he who should return the good we can do, but unfortunately, not always what we do is only good. So I appreciate you kindly present what God has given me and, as you said, I intend to continue in fidelity to the Church. I have no other purpose than to be faithful to what I have been taught, ie baptismal grace.


Ladies and gentlemen, surely have had the opportunity to read the book by Don Felix Sarda and Salvany "Liberalism is a sin." No doubt already know the little story of this book. Naturally the modernists of the time-this book was written under Pope St. Pius X-felt that this book was an insult to them and, therefore, sought to be included in the Index. Therefore it was reported in Rome and found that, contrary to what they thought the book was approved by ecclesiastical authority, for the Roman authority, therefore, saved the honor of the author who said that liberalism was a sin . Well, during these minutes, I would also try to show not only that liberalism is a sin and a grave sin that affects the honor of God, which affects the honor of Our Lord Jesus Christ, but LIBERALISM IS A RELIGION. Because we are dying, we are dying of liberalism and its consequences.

Two centuries ago, this liberalism has spread everywhere in our society, in our families, in our schools. Everywhere extends this poison that destroys the commandments of God, which destroys all that is the beauty, the greatness of Christian civilization. So good is somehow fence it, as I also said Pope Leo XIII about Freemasonry in his encyclical Humanus Genus ". He said: We must wrest his mask and display them as they are so that we avoid and avoid the mistakes. Well, I think that liberalism, which is a fruit of Freemasonry, also needs to be unmasked and be submitted as it is, so as to understand their risk and danger to follow. This is what I would do tonight in short, not to abuse your patience, but I will try to clarify something the situation where the Church is today because of the problem of liberalism.

Liberalism has its goddess. Goddess What is liberalism? Freedom. You will recall worship, adoration made ​​during the French Revolution in the cathedral of Notre Dame to the goddess of reason, ie, freedom, freedom of man. And it is this freedom that has his statue at the entrance to New York, which they celebrated in an incredible way a few months ago. The free man. The man freed at last from every law and mainly the Law of God. Finally free to think whatever you want, to do what I want, to do as you like. This is the goddess of the religion of liberalism.

Liberalism has its priesthood, the priesthood are Masons. Priesthood secretly organized priesthood, priesthood extremely effective. Masons are thousands and thousands. The Masonic sect B'nai B'rith, which is so much talk now, having her ticket to Rome frequently and who was present at yesterday's meeting in Assisi, she alone has 160,000 members worldwide and is an exclusively Jewish Masonic sect. And if you read to Leon de Poncins in the Russian revolution described by him, shows very well, with specific facts, that was the sect of the B'nai B'rith in 1917 which provided the money for the Russian Revolution and resulted in the murder of the imperial family of Russia. It also tells who met in New York to decide whether the money would allow to wipe out the imperial family. Consequently, its influence is extremely serious, and considering that this is only one of the Masonic sects. The Big East, I know that you know it as well or better than I, is spread throughout the world. This is the priesthood of Liberalism.

Liberalism has its dogmas. Wants no dogmas, rejected the dogmas, but they are dogmas. These tenets, these principles are the declaration of the rights of man. And these are the rights of liberalism. The popes have instructed us on what is the Declaration of Human Rights: is the instrument invented by Freemasonry against God, precisely to liberate man from the law of God. It is freedom from sin, virtually that is. From now on, the man is free from sin, can disobey God without worrying about the Law of God, and therefore no matter the sin or not to sin, because it does not matter. Freedom! Freedom! Religious freedom, freedom of religion, freedom of conscience, moral free, freedom of thought, freedom of the press, these are the famous freedoms that have been written in the Declaration of Human Rights which have been condemned by the popes for a century and a half . Thus liberalism has its dogmas, has its principle which does not resign, has its moral, which is an anti-Decalogue, the moral is simply immorality.

(...) Also has its political liberalism, democracy policy, policy number and is the number that is sending the people that apparently governs, thus subjugating best to better dominate and dispossess through omnipotent state, a totalitarian state, totalitarian socialism goes against the right to property, which gradually ruin property rights that citizens do work for the state nearly a third of the year. And so, we have virtually slaves citizens of the totalitarian state, this is the policy of liberalism, which they call freedom.

Liberalism has its teaching and want your teaching to be atheist, secular and universal for everyone. Teaching only. (...)

Liberalism has its economy, led by international finance. As countries implement liberal morality, liberal economics, liberal education, liberal laws and finances involved next government to hold, even with huge debts. Take the example of Argentina, which is the economic brink, a devaluation unlikely, do not know the first day of what will be worth the money to make ends meet. An untenable situation but since socialism has come, international banks finance, maintain, and Mr. Alfonsin has big economic problems. He deferred payment maturities international banking. There are no problems. But with the government of General Videla was instead a Catholic general, then he dipped financially ruined it. And so it is to do with Pinochet, though. Pinochet is a man of order, a Catholic who wants to defend the order in your country. Well, by all means trying to ruin the country economically and all this in an international way (...)

But this international finance is very dangerous, very powerful, holds even Russia. Master the-world and can say here, since even a few days ago the news appeared in the papers, the Vatican has been ruined by the economy. In the times of Cardinal Villot, some Masons who had penetrated through Marcinkus in Vatican banks under protection, or rather the ingenuity of Pope John XXIII, were introduced in the Vatican's finances by Banco Ambrosiano and the famous lodge P2 and advised the Vatican to transfer their bank accounts in Canada. It was almost to found a banking institute Vatican money. Once founded the institute started functioning and broke ... break did Vatican and the money disappeared. Vatican capital disappeared! The cardinal himself evaded Villot not say. He said we have gone bankrupt, we lost everything. We have been forced to lay off employees of the Vatican. The Vatican has broken and certainly found the brink of annihilation. But of course, the Masons were there and International Banking said: Do not worry, here we are, if they need money, here have so much money as may be desired, we will argue ... Although these days the Vatican said that their financial situation was still very poor, yet they have resisted. Naturally this explains the pressures near the Vatican exercised in the appointment of bishops to appoint this or that cardinal bishop to appoint such or such another, and also to get it done as soon as the Pope does, who practically is now serving Freemasonry. We must call things as they are serving this Masonic liberalism. I saw yesterday at the ceremony of Assisi that indicates how far they want to go through the Masons religious freedom, reaching a kind of superreligión, as this is the goal liberal freemasonry, which has its myths. Superreligión, world super-government, here the purpose seeking to intervene in everything that has some influence in the world.

About this superreligión ... do not know if you are aware of the meeting held on September 29, not October but September 29 in Assisi. It was chaired by Prince Philip, husband of Queen of England, who led the meeting. It's awful, worse than what took place yesterday, as this took place a month earlier in the same place, at the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, with the five major religions, five major religions gathered under the aegis of a Mason, as Philip of Edinburgh is a Mason and has assembled these five great religions with the authorization of the Vatican in the church of St. Francis of Assisi, with the excuse of protecting nature, but the headlines of every newspaper Italians announced "The superreligión chaired by Prince Philip." And in this ceremony was outrageous things present was the Superior General of the Franciscans as this was celebrated at home, Father Franco Zerini, which calls the ceremony "ecological harmony of humankind". Finally, she told renounce their religions and their doctrines and dogmas abdicate this fatal pretense of wanting each man reveal the way, the truth and the life. And in the case of Christianity must scandalous abdication of the claim that a man who lived two thousand years ago was himself while the way, the truth and the life. This was said in the church of San Francisco a month ago! A blasphemy! Henceforth, for our Lord Jesus Christ ended the pretense of being the way, the truth and the life. Finished. It's one last thing and finished. This is what was said in San Francisco one month before yesterday's meeting. How not to see a certain relationship between these two ceremonies? I can not believe that the Vatican has approved a month before the ceremony, presided over by the Duke of Edinburgh, with almost the same purpose as the second meeting, but in a much more scandalous. So this is not a time for meeting superreligión may come next? It's awful, truly we are facing the compliance by the Vatican, the goal of Freemasonry. (...)

The influence of Freemasonry on the Vatican is also expressed at the time of the council. You know that Cardinal Bea fua to visit the sect of the B'nai B'rith at the beginning of the council to ask if they had one wish about the Second Vatican Council. The Masons said yes, they asked that the Vatican recognize religious freedom. Cardinal Bea said: well, they are happy and promised that there would be the recognition of religious freedom. Then Cardinal Bea was decorated by this sect of Freemasons with the medal of freedom of religion. Cardinal Willebrand Likewise also addressed the Council of Churches in Geneva, to ask what they wanted the CVII. Masons of this advice, it is run by Masons, said: ask religious freedom. And religious freedom was obtained.

All this shows the pressures exerted on the Vatican to accept religious freedom, for it has come ecumenism, and ecumenism, all the reforms that have been made ​​in the Church. The liturgical changes to please the Protestants, the changes that have been introduced within the Church, collegiality, assemblies, to please the protesters and also to the democratic spirit of our time. Everything has come for this acceptance of religious freedom and the principles of the world moderated, the same principles that were once condemned by the popes. Clearly, this is what is happening today and if we have the knowledge of what happened between racks at the Vatican, you can not understand what is happening, it is impossible. So we need to be informed and know perfectly what the goal of the Masons: Es-as we are told the genus humanum encyclical "- destroy all Christian institutions, destroy everything that Christianity has contributed and made ​​in society. Destroy everything, to remove all Christian society, the Christian family, Christian peace, in order to suppress all these things. This is your goal and the goal of the demon, non serviam, not serve, I want freedom, I want to obey God's law. This is what the devil said, I want freedom. Well, since there is no religious freedom Our Lord said: Go and teach all nations, he who believes will be saved, he that believeth not shall be damned. There is no religious freedom, religious are not free-we must obey God We must obey our Lord Jesus Christ. For the devil, the result was hell and the same will be for those who disobey God. If the devil has been punished with hell, so are all those who knowingly and willfully disobey the law of God and the freedom to choose your life. Mocking God's law and God, know the outcome to expect. (...)

Ecumenism is the end of the missionary spirit of the Church, and this is too serious and contrary to the mission of the Church. The Church is essentially missionary. Euntes. Go, teach, euntes, ite docete. Obviously the change is radical, scary, and it is not surprising that there is no longer missionary vocations. No wonder there are no more priestly vocations.


I want to conclude by referring to this sentence: Photius mori quam foedari. Rather die than betray my country this is the currency of Britain Photius foedari quam mori. Prefer to die rather than betray our calling, to betray Jesus Christ. We want to be faithful to our baptismal promises and renounce Satan and surrender to Jesus Christ forever. This is what I wanted to say and all this without rancor toward those who do not share our thoughts, our ideas. And would go even further, I have no personal thoughts ... I have only the ideas of the Church. I always say to my seminarians: Do not say "I am a disciple of Archbishop Lefebvre." No, no, no! I am a disciple of the Church, of twenty centuries of Church. The reporter who recently quizzed me I said "But lord, you are alone, is isolated, how can presume to possess the truth? I am not alone, I have twenty centuries of church with me. I've done nothing to continue what the Church has done. Archbishop Lefebvre is not, but an episcopal voice, I am the echo of thousands, of millions and millions of bishops, faithful in all ages of the Church past, just to continue the Church. they who leave the faith of the Church, it is they who betray the Church, those who abandon the true faith. Clearly.

I will finish my book to confused Catholics that will appear soon in Spanish: I wish that the end of my life, when I also will be judged by Our Lord Jesus Christ for everything I ever did, that Our Lord will not say, "you've used your priesthood and episcopate to destroy the Church, but on the contrary, you can have the satisfaction of hearing him say that I have spent my life building the Church rather than destroy. Thank you.

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