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PAPAL BRIEF - Pius IX to Dr. Ward
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Author:  John Lane [ Thu Feb 16, 2012 11:24 pm ]
Post subject:  PAPAL BRIEF - Pius IX to Dr. Ward

This is Google's OCR, so it has plenty of errors. Anybody wish to correct and translate it? The original is here: ... utput=text


The Holy Father has been graciously pleased to address the following Brief to Doctor Ward:—


Dilecte Fili, Salutem et Apostolicam Benedictionem.— Gratulamur tibi, dilecte fili, quod in filiorum Dei lucem vocatus, idem lumen aliorum mentibus offundere certes, et, in gremium sanctse Matris Ecclesiaa receptus, sanctitatem ejus ostendere et illustrare studeas, supremique ejusdem Pastoris divinam asserere auctoritatem, vindicare praerogativas, jura omnia tueri. Nobilitatem in hoc videmus animi, qui ad veritatem maturo conipulsus, examine eo incensiore ignis flagrat amore, quo majore contentione illam est adeptus; et eo impensiore nisu tenendum acceptum latius porrigere satagit, quo miseriorem, propria doctus experientia censet errantium conditionem. Indefessus autem labor quo pluribus ab hinc annis dona omnia ingenii, sciential, eruditionis, eloquentiaa tibi a Domino largita, confers ad religionis nostraa Sanctissimoa et hujus Apostolicaa Sedis causam piopugnandam fidem, perspicue prsefert inditam menti tuaa et charitatem in tuo corde difiusam, quibus urgeris ad redimendum praateritum tempus, et certamen imprudenter alias pro errore fortasse commissum rependendum per alacrem ac strenuam veritatis defensionem. Quoniam vero merces fidelis paratur seminanti justitiam, et qui ad eain erudiunt multos fulgebunt quasi stelku in perpetuas aaternitates, dum te tuum ita sertum texere gaudemus, te simul hortamur ut instes proposito tuo, et impigre praeliari pergas praalia Domini, quo et plures semper ad viam veritatis adducas et splendidius tibi compares aaternae gloriaa pondus. Necessarias idcirco ad hoc vires tibi ominamur, copiosaque adprecamur gratiae coelestis auxilia et fausta omnia; eorumque auspicem et pateruae nostraa benevolentiae pignus Apostolicam Benedictionem tibi peramanter impertimus.

Datum Romaa, apud Sanctum Petrum, die 4 Julii, anno 1870, Pontificates Nostri anno vicesimo quinto.

PIUS P.P. IX. Dilecto Filio Geoeoio Ward.

Author:  John Lane [ Thu Feb 16, 2012 11:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: PAPAL BRIEF - Pius IX to Dr. Ward

Google machine translation - captures the idea, somewhat. :)

The beloved son, we should be saved and the Apostolic Blessing. - We rejoice to you, beloved son, that we the children of God, called to be the light, the light that cast doubt on certain in the minds of others, and, in the lap of the Church of the Holy Mother was taken up, the sanctity of his to show and explain to you should study to assert the divine Shepherd of the same supremique authority, to challenge the prerogatives to protect the rights of all. We see this in the nobility of spirit, to the truth to the proper conipulsus, an examination of the incensiore of love, the greater the contention that it is obtained, and it is trying to reach out more widely accepted impensiore effort to hold, the wretched condition of erring judges of their own learning experience. But the tireless labor of many years by all the gifts of wit, knowledge, learning, eloquence bestowed on you by the Lord, and give to the religion of our Sanctissimoa Apostolicaa See this case piopugnandam faith, clearly preferred to put love in your heart and mind tuaa difiusam, urging the praateritum redeem the time, and fight for the other error, perhaps unwisely committed to repay the eager and strenuous defense of the truth. Prepared for the riches that soweth righteousness, and those who turn many to shine as eain stelku aaternitates for all, when you so your weave a garland of joy, at the same time we encourage you to continue your case, and promptly go praalia the Lord's battles, and always more to the way in which splendid presentation of the truth and you compare the weight of eternal glory. We predict, therefore the necessary powers to you, commodious beseech the aid of heavenly grace and prosperity to all is a sign of their goodwill and pateruae of our pledge to you, We lovingly impart the Apostolic Blessing.

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