Solet annuere

The Bull of the Lord Pope Honorius III

on the Rule of the Friars Minor

November 29, 1226 A. D.

Bishop, Servant of the servants of God,

to our beloved sons, Friar Francis and the other friars of the Order of the Friars Minor, health and apostolic Benediction:

Chapter I:

In the name of the Lord, begins the life of the Friars Minor.

Chapter II:

Chapter III.

Concerning the divine office and fasting; and how the brothers ought to travel through the world.

Chapter IV.

That the brothers should not accept money.

Chapter V.

On the manner of working.

Chapter VI.

That the Friars should appropriate nothing for themselves, and concerning the begging of alms and sick friars.

Chapter VII.

Chapter VIII.

On the election of the minister general of this brotherhood; and on the Chapter at Pentecost.

Chapter IX.

On preachers.

Chapter X.

On the admonition and correction of the friars.

Chapter XI.

That the brothers should not enter the convents of nuns.

Concerning those who go among the Saracens and other infidels.

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